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Giftshop FAQ

what are your current shipping and processing times?

custom candles will require up to a week for processing. eau deu parfum orders process same day. for philadelphia addresses, you are eligible for same day delivery after processing. It does take about 1-4 days to receive your order after shipment via USPS.

what kind of fragrances do you use?

we use phthalate and carcinogen-free fragrances only. all of our fragrances are pet friendly, prop 65 certified and eco conscious. 

what kind of wicks do you use?

our standard wicks are made of cotton.

what kind of wax do you use?

our wax is 100% natural soy wax. pet and vegan friendly!

how strong are your candles?

all of our candles can fill any sized room in a decent amount of time. you may also leave your candle unlit and with the lid open to smell it in your home. 

how long do your eau de parfum last?

we have recorded them lasting for as long at 6-12 hours!

candle care instructions?

trim wick to ¼” before lighting. make sure your first burn reaches all the way to the edge of the jar. keep candles free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings. only burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface. do not burn candles for more than 4 hours at a time. stop use when only ¼’ of wax remains in the bottom of the jar.

burn within sight. keep away from flammable objects. keep away from children and pets.

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Scent + Floral Bar FAQ

should I make a reservation?

yes! we highly encourage making reservations, as space fills quickly. walk-ins are not guaranteed a spot!

how long does the process take?

your reservation will be 90 minutes long; half of it will go towards creating your candle, the other half is waiting for your candle to dry! you may choose to hang out at Loomen, leave, or make more candles during that time! 

eau de parfum and floral arranging will take the full duration of 90 minutes.

how many products may we make?

you can make as many as you'd like with the time available! each additional candle is $20 and bottle of parfum $15!

is Loomen Labs BYOB? 

yes! You can bring you own alcoholic beverages, but we are required to check everyone's ID that will be drinking. 

is there parking?

yes! we have metered parking just outside of our doors. there is also a parking lot directly in front of us on Passyunk and Bainbridge. please be mindful that parking does fill up later in the day when planning your trip. 

do you do off-site events?

yes! loomen is mobile, so if you'd like us to be at your event, please contact us!

can I refill my candle or bottles from a past visit? 

of course! if you bring back a vessel from a previous session, and get $10 off using code: MADEATLOOMEN. we can also refill the candle for you — with any fragrance of your choosing — for $20! 

can we bring food?

we do not allow outside food as it interrupts the sensory experience, and we're working with a lot of chemicals!

does Loomen Labs offer virtual workshops?

absolutely! if you have a group of at least 4 people, we can send you out all of the candle making supplies you'll need and host your event virtually!

why can't I join the session past 10 minutes of being late?

after 10 minutes of being late, you are considered a no-show and will not be refunded for your purchase. the reason for this being that our sessions are timed. everyone has ample time to make their project, enjoy their guests, and feel relaxed when everyone arrives on time. being late ruins everyone's experience. doors open 5 minutes prior to reservations to ensure everyone arrives within their time frame.

cancellation and changing policy?

you may cancel your reservation as long as it is 24 hours before your reservation time for a full refund. 

you may change your reservation at anytime by texting us at (267)918-1409.

refund policy?

cancellations made 24 hours prior to your reservation may be cancelled. There are no refunds for your visit if you do not enjoy your custom made final product.

merchandise purchased from the gift shop can be return 14 days after purchase as long as it is not a burned candle.

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Gift Card FAQ

do you have physical gift cards?

we do not currently sell physical gift cards, as we are a zero-waste business, and try to minimize our uses on single-use items!

what can I buy with my e-gift card?

you may purchase anything in our website's gift shop or make any kind of reservation with your e-gift card.

how do I use my e-gift card?

for gift shop purchases, once you're finished shopping and ready to check out, you will enter your gift card information when asked. 

in order to make a candle-making reservation with an e-gift card, you must either fill out the form below or shoot us a text (267)918-1409! we will ask for your e-gift card information, reservation date, time, and amount of participants at the time of your inquiry.

e-gift card reservation request

"Great quality stuff for everyone who is looking for new trends. Customer support was super understanding when I ordered at the wrong address, and helped me replace it.Thanks, Your Brand!"

Sofia R. Alberta, Canada.