manifestation experience candle guide

our crystal options

  • amethyst (purple) 
  • black tourmaline (black)
  • clear quartz (transparent) 
  • carnelian (red)
  • llapis lazuli (blue)
  • moonstone (white and blue)
  • peridot (green)
  • rose quartz (pink) 


understanding why

it's important to set the intention of any crystal(s) you would like to use because they all have different natural healing properties! with each crystal being powerful in its own way, we're going to learn how to utilize them to their full extent through intention setting.


amethyst is known as the protective stone, so it can be helpful for relieving stress, calming spaces, and balancing emotions. this would be a good crystal for someone looking for a sense of tranquility.



much like how we may have different intentions or desires, crystals also have different healing properties. It's important that what you're manifesting aligns with the crystals' natural abilities. crystals like moonstone and clear quartz have multiple healing properties!


setting your intention

now you're ready to set your intention. we suggest holding the crystal(s) in your hand and closing your eyes. as your eyes are closed, feel free to take deep breaths and try to connect. now imagine yourself somewhere peaceful with your crystal(s). begin to explore the thoughts of your manifestation. once you've found an intention you'd like to set, we recommend repeating it in your head, then saying it aloud.


using your crystals

once you've set the intention of your crystal(s), feel free to add them to your candle jar. each time you light your candle, the smoke from your flame will charge your crystal(s). charging your crystals helps intensify your intention, making crystals and candle-making the perfect combination!


black tourmaline

  • bodyguard crystal
  • soaks up all negative energy
  • grounding, protection, cleansing,
  • purifying stone of power
  • heals you from negative energy
  • protects the home

lapis lazuli

  • sagittarius 
  • stone of protection
  • brings harmony
  • serenity & peace
  • brings mind & body in harmony
  • relieves anger & bad thoughts
  • inner truth


  • crown chakra
  • change and spirituality
  • cleanse in water
  • aquarius + pisces zodiac
  • relieve stress + calm
  • protective crystal 
  • stone of saint valentine
  • couples stone


white rainbow moonstone

  • soothes emotional instability/stress
  • good fortune
  • enhances intuition 
  • connects you to your divine feminine energy 
  • best during full moon/works with the moon
  • birthstone for june
  • inner growth & strength
  • nuturing
  • embracing


  • confidence crystal 
  • sacral chakra
  • joy
  • cancers
  • leos
  • fire sign crystal
  • luck + success
  • attention
  • energy boost
  • focus
  • intentional, insightful, productive


crystal quartz

  • strengths mental & emotional energy
  • deep soul cleansing/reset
  • amplify our own energies & intentions 
  • doesn't hold onto other energies because of the color 
  • known as master healer
  • venus
  • set any intention